Neven Carr’s Forgotten offers a thrilling mystery approached from two very different viewpoints:  one that of Claudia Cabriati, a young teacher on Australia’s Sunshine Coast with odd gaps in her memory and an unshakeable certainty that she’s being watched, and the other from an underground investigator and troubleshooter, Saul Reardon. Saul is investigating an odd chain of murders that have no apparent links, and a cryptic telephone recording involving a prominent federal senator that mentions a woman named Claudia Cabriati. Saul is known for providing the kind of help to those in need that the law isn’t always capable of, and when Claudia’s fiancé is ritually murdered in their home, some of Claudia’s friends think that Saul’s kind of help may be exactly what Claudia needs…

Forgotten is a great read, the kind of mystery-thriller with more twists than a rollercoaster. From car chases to crooked politicians to Saul’s mysterious past, this book keeps you guessing all the way through, and the immediate, white-hot chemistry between Claudia and Saul is well-done without claiming the spotlight from the main storyline. The characters are expertly developed, each demanding your curiosity and bringing their own personalities, pasts, and plans to bear on the plot. Neven Carr’s exotic locations and gripping action scenes are guaranteed to keep you turning pages and to make you sigh when you hit the last page. A highly-recommended read.

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