The Enemy Within

A strange world is burning in Max’s head, and the visions are crippling him with seizures. When a botched suicide attempt lands him in psychiatric care, his doctor is convinced that he’s suffering from hallucinations, but neither of them is aware of the high-level panic in the highest echelons of the USA’s armed forces: a satellite of no known provenance has appeared in Earth orbit, and is repelling all efforts to learn more about it. Max’s visions and the satellite are linked in ways that no one initially understands – and on that understanding, everything may rest.

The Enemy Within is a brilliantly written sci-fi thriller, with a plot twisty enough to keep you guessing all the way. I particularly enjoyed the psychology that went into the characters; Max, especially, is damaged, wary, and very plausible. Author Scott Burn has made a refreshing break with the usual stereotypes of dumbed-down teenage heroes. As a bonus, between the armed forces, determined to protect against the unknown, the group of desperate teenagers on the run, and the mysterious Eye, the divergent interests in play kept the stakes and the tension high right through to the finale. This book kept me turning pages right through to the end – I highly recommend it.

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