Run from the Stars (The Arcturian Confederation Book 1)

The Arcturians are the only space fleet in human space with faster-than-light drive; the conduit through which all interstellar commerce and travellers must flow. Following a kidnap attempt that she successfully derailed, Jane Gould was recruited by the Arcturians, and she’s never looked back; the Space Fleet is her life. However, an old feud is heating up between planets, and when Jane goes undercover, things get complicated fast.

Run from the Stars is an explosion-filled, think-on-your feet read, with a protagonist who looks about as dangerous as a candyfloss cone and uses that appearance to kick a lot of ass. Jane is one of those absolutely non-stereotypical heroines who will make you breathe a sigh of relief – she rarely needs rescuing, she’s a top-rank pilot, she can shoot straight, and she doesn’t do gooey. I felt that some of the secondary characters could have been fleshed out a little more, and sometimes the explanations run a little long, but by and large this was a highly enjoyable read. R. Billing’s writing is action-packed and technically sound, with enough tech to make it fun but not enough to mire the pace of the story in technobabble. Definitely one to recommend to any sci-fi fans on the hunt for their next book.

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