Faced with an extinction-sized asteroid, code-named Apophis, on a collision course for Earth, the USA has tried missions to divert the rock, and failed. In a last-ditch attempt to save the human race, scientists create two separate genetic groups: one, Group A, intended to tolerate the cryogenic process and be frozen through the decades following impact, and the other, Group B, designed to deal well in low-oxygen environments, who will be sent to colonise Mars. However, the adaptation of Group B, while successful on the physical level, results in sociopathic tendencies that may, eventually, pose as much risk to humanity as the asteroid…

Apophis offers an interesting take on the catastrophic-impact scenario, where an impact event actually comes close to wiping out the human species. The psychological contrasts between the two experimental groups offers the reader food for thought, and while this book is clearly leading on to at least one more, the story is well-written and stands on its own merits, although the reaction of the mass population once the news of the inevitable disaster is leaked is surprisingly understated. I found that Caron Rider’s characters were the chief strength of this story, their fears, conflicts, and histories adding a lot of depth to the book. Certainly a worth-while read!

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