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┬áBy Rite of Word Reviews – submission and review

  1. We need a copy of your book in order to review. Either:
    • Upload a PDF or doc file in the form, OR
    • Mark the ‘Other file types’ option if you cannot provide a PDF or Word manuscript.
  2. We will only respond to review requests in one of the three genres listed in the request form. Please note:
    • YA in those genres will be considered but is less likely to be accepted for review.
    • We do not review religious fiction, children’s fiction, or romance.
  3. If you do not complete the form, your submission cannot be considered for review.

By Rite of Word will consider all books submitted for review. However, because we need to leave time for eating and sleeping, we cannot review all the books we receive.

We will accept between one and four submissions per week for review, dependent on our time, the length of the books, etc.

If we accept your book for review, you will receive an email from By Rite of Word telling you so, and your book cover, if we can find it, will appear in our to read section on the Reviews page with a link to your website or to your book’s page on Amazon / Smashwords.

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