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Reviews are a vital marketing tool for any book. Traditional publishers stack up advance reader reviews far in advance of a book’s release, generating excitement and boosting the book’s presence in searches. For independent authors and small presses, that kind of coordinated publicity may be a luxury that not everyone can afford.

By Rite of Word reviews are 100% free. They are not editorial reviews – this is why you’ll see the disclaimer line at the bottom of the review on commercial sites stating ‘I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.’

All our reviews are written by a real person. Also, unless the book falls in the ‘did not finish’ category, getting a By Rite of Word review means the the reviewer has read your book cover to cover, and what you’re seeing is the reviewer’s honest feedback. We don’t accept requests from authors to only provide a certain starred rating.

We publish reviews on this site, as well as to any retailer sites that you provide us the links to or that we can find by running a basic online search on your name and book title.

We’re authors, editors, and avid readers, and we review books because we enjoy reading and we want to help authors get ahead. As well as on-demand reviews via By Rite of Word, we also review for Readers’ Favorite, Knockin’ Books, The Indie View, and Quality Book Works.

As well as getting you honest feedback on your book and encouraging others to read it, reviews can help your book to get exposure on Amazon. We review independent, small press, and traditionally published books. If you get a five-star review (and if we are that organised), you’ll be added to the five-star review carousel on our homepage, and we’ll Tweet about you.

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