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Get a Review – review policy

What genres do you review?

We review science-fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Please note that YA in those genres will be considered but may not be accepted for review.

We do not review religious fiction, children’s fiction, or romance (on that last category, go and see our friends over at Romance Rehab).

What will my review contain?

Your review will be at least 200 words in length. If you rank three stars or higher, the first half (and no more than half) will be a brief synopsis, followed by our impressions of the book. You can see examples of our reviews on the Reviews page.

How do you rate books?

By Rite of Word has six rating levels:

  • 5 stars means you were technically perfect, or very nearly, and you wowed us.
  • 4 stars means we liked your book, but either weren’t completely wowed, and/or there were some editorial / plot / characterisation issues that impacted the read for us.
  • 3 stars means that we thought your book was OK, but there were significant editorial / plot / characterisation issues that impacted our enjoyment of it.
  • 2 stars means that while your book did have at least one strong point, overall we didn’t enjoy it.
  • 1 star means we found continuous, serious challenges with the book across one or more areas of editorial / plot / characterisation.
  • 0 stars (did not finish) – we couldn’t finish your book.
How long does a review take?

It depends on how many review requests we have in, whether we’re happening to our lives, or our lives are happening to us, and quite possibly the alignment of Uranus (you can see our to-read pile, and where your book is in the queue, on the Reviews page).

Usual turnaround is on the order of three months.

Will you review Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)?

We’re happy to review ARCs, but if you have a very short timeline to publication, please be aware that a review usually takes around 3 months – meaning that if we accept you, we’ll review you, but it may not show up on release day.

Can I request that you only rate me 4 stars or higher?

Readers FavoriteNo. If you submit your book for a By Rite of Word Review, we will post our honest opinion, whatever rank that may turn out to be.

If your review is via Readers’ Favorite, then we adhere to their publication system and your review will only be published if you get 4 stars or higher.

I know I have some editorial issues. Will you please only review me on the story?

No. We will review your book based on all aspects of your writing. If there are technical challenges in your writing that impact the read, that will be reflected in the final rating.

How can I find out if my book was accepted for review?

If your book was accepted for review, its cover (if we can find one) will appear in our ‘To read’ section on the homepage. If you provided an email in the submission form, we will email you if your book is accepted for review.

Who are you people?

We’re authors, editors, and avid readers. We review books because we enjoy reading and we want to help authors get ahead. As well as on-demand reviews via By Rite of Word, we also review for Readers’ Favorite and The Indie View.

Basically, we enjoy discovering new authors – and being given books.

Why do I need a review?

Traditional publishers stack up reviews far in advance of a book’s release, which generates excitement and boosts the book’s presence in searches. For independent authors and small presses, that kind of coordinated publicity may not be an affordable luxury. Reviews help your book to get exposure on Amazon, as well as getting you, the author, honest feedback on your work.

What's so special about By Rite of Word?

Our reviews aren’t editorial reviews – this is why we put a disclaimer line at the end of the review on commercial sites. Also, unless the book falls in the ‘did not finish’ category, getting a By Rite of Word review means a reviewer has read your book cover to cover, and the review is their honest opinion.

  • No BS: We don’t accept requests from authors to only provide a certain starred rating.
  • No ‘bots: All our reviews are written by a real person.
  • No costs: By Rite of Word reviews are 100% free.

Get a review

We need a copy of your book in order to review. Either:

  • Upload a PDF or doc file in the form, OR
  • Mark the ‘Other file types’ option if you cannot provide a PDF or Word manuscript.

We will only respond to review requests in one of the three genres listed in the request form. Please note:

  • YA in those genres will be considered but is less likely to be accepted for review.
  • We do not review religious fiction, children’s fiction, or romance.
  • If you upload anything other than your manuscript file, your submission will be deleted.

If you do not complete the form, your submission will not be considered for review.

By Rite of Word will consider all books submitted for review. However, because we need to leave time for eating and sleeping, we cannot review all the books we receive.

We will accept between one and three submissions per week for review, dependent on our time, the length of the books, etc.

Review me!


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