Devils of Black and Gold

A tale of devils and monsters and high-school heroes, F.A.R.’s Devils of Black and Gold introduces us to Lucas, the class loner, and Brian, his best friend, as Lucas struggles for control in the face of the impossible: he believes he’s become a werewolf. Dealing with shape-shifts he can’t always control, and increasingly wild mood-swings, Lucas is afraid that he’s a danger to all that he holds dear, including his best friend. Brian’s complete faith in his friend becomes Lucas’s only point of reference for faith in himself, and that’s before they find out about the string of gruesome murders that the police are calling the Beast Attacks – brutally mangled corpses that have no apparent connection.

Devils of Black and Gold is a fast-paced urban fantasy novella offering an eclectic mix of shape-shifters, possession, and a crime thriller that doesn’t let up on the tension. F.A.R. writes convincingly from the teenage viewpoint of the characters, contrasting them with a surprisingly intuitive and flexible authority figure in the form of Eliot Guthrie, a homicide detective on the local police force. The action is set against an economically evoked background of school, parents, and high-school tensions, carefully hidden from the attention of parents and teachers. A worth-while read for fans of urban fantasy and YA.

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