The Eye of Nefertiti

The Eye of Nefertiti: A Pharoah’s Cat Novel is a fantasy story following the adventures of Wrappa-Hamen, a cat from ancient Egypt who, due to an encounter with the goddess Bastet of the Egyptian pantheon, has the ability to walk and talk (and eat) like a human. When he is forced to flee Egypt with his chief ally, Gato-Hamen, High Priest of Amun-Ra, after the death of the Pharoah, the invocation goes a little awry and lands them both in modern-day America, where a chance liaison between Gato-Hamen and a woman named Elena results in a second chance for both of them to serve their Pharoah.

This book plays into the classic stream of books with a lovable animal protagonist. Wrappa-Hamen is the ultimate spoiled housecat, but to the usual options of ‘nap on the keyboard’ or ‘knock the glassware onto the floor’ he adds the ability to speak and use door handles. I found this book something of a mix between a young-adult – most of the story is light-hearted, simply-written, and the protagonist is an ideal match for the genre – and a couple of darker, more adult themes that start to wrap in towards the end, leaving me with a somewhat odd contrast at the end of the book. Overall, though, this is a well-researched story, a very pleasant read.

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