Burned by Magic

Jasmine Walt’s Burned by Magic is set in the city of Solantha, inhabited by humans and shifters and governed by mages. Sunaya Baine, Enforcer and shape-shifter, is down on her luck, working behind the bar in a multi-species nightclub to make ends meet, when she gets an emergency call from her mentor that threatens to overturn her life completely. The case he’s been working on proves to have ramifications that run all the way from the offices of the Chief Mage to affect every shifter clan in the city. Solantha is teetering on the edge of going up in flames, and only Sunaya has all the pieces needed to avert disaster. Provided, of course, she can get out of prison long enough to put them together…

Burned by Magic is a most enjoyable start to a series, well-written and set in a captivating culture of magic, intrigue, and action. Jasmine Walt has created a diverse set of characters that will draw you into their stories, from Sunaya’s confrontations and deeply-buried secrets to her shy hedge-witch friend Comenius to the enigmatic Chief Mage. Their interactions and motivations are the framework that the story is built on, while the action is fast-paced and convincing, and the world-building is detailed and enticing. Definitely a worth-while addition to any fantasy-enthusiast’s reading list.

I was given this book by Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for an honest review.

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