Asper: Blood of Evil

Milla is one of the last of her kind, a sorceress. Hunted by the soldiers of the evil queen of Asper, she lives with her father, guarding some of the last fragments of magical knowledge. However, when the queen’s soldiers finally find their tiny shack, Milla’s father is killed, and Milla, fleeing, is thrown through a magical portal to Earth. Raving about magic, dragons, and evil queens, Milla is hospitalised for her own good. Her only ally on Earth is a teenager named Parker, on the rebound from a messy breakup and looking for something – or someone – to believe in.

Asper: Blood of Evil is a young adult romance fantasy, set in a reality where the world of Asper has been sundered from Earth and exists as layers of dimensions linked by invisible gates known as Shifts. Author Rhonda Smiley has created an imaginative setting for this book, one which plays neatly into the storyline, and the pacing is well handled, keeping the plot moving along. I did find that, in places, the heroic feats of the teenaged protagonists strained my credulity somewhat, but overall the evil queen, the scorned childhood love, and the snarky Squeed sidekick made an entertaining set of characters. This is a light, pleasant read that younger readers are sure to enjoy.

Asper Blood of Evil cover

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